Norma Jean Stilley

Sep 22nd, 1933 - Apr 3rd, 2021


Blue Funeral Home (Marion)

Sat, Apr. 10th, 2021 11am


Blue Funeral Home (Marion)

Sat, Apr. 10th, 2021 1pm

Norma Jean Stilley

Norma Jean Stilley (Rice) 87, passed away in her sleep April 3, 2021 around 11 pm at Piper City Rehab in Piper City, IL.

Norma Jean was born September 22, 1933 in Crab Orchard. The daughter of William “Bill” Rice and Lilly Rice (Thompson). For all those that knew Norma she could be noted as quite witty, chatty, outspoken, and very outgoing ready to make friends with any stranger. Norma raised three boys basically on her own. She prided herself in her grandchildren loved them and worried often about their wellbeing. She wished she could have spent more time with the great grandchildren but it just didn’t work out that way.

Norma Jean loved her friends (co-workers) at Norge she said they were family to her. She worked at Norge (also known as Magic Chef, May Tag, and Whirlpool), for several years until she retired January 26, 1996. She loved her cousins and had a lot of good times with them. She loved eating out with close friends particularly at KFC. She loved her TV – even though she herself was quite witty she didn’t care too much for comedy shows. Good old westerns with John Wayne. She favored western action of cowboys rather than westerns with Indians. Have Gun Will Travel starring Richard Boone as Paladin is a good example of her favorite kind of western. Her last months she spent endless hours of enjoying entertainment of all the seasons of Have Gun Will Travel even the last season loving that Paladin. She liked him so well it could make you chuckle.

And oh the love for those grandchildren. Her favorite motto “If I had known grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them first.” For all those that truly knew Norma she could be quite stubborn at times but still had a tender place for you if you knew how to take a stand with her without losing your cool. She will be dearly missed possibly the most by her grandchildren.

Norma Jean is survived by three sons: Randy E. Stilley and wife Lori of Mount Vernon, Steve E. Stilley and Debra of Marion, Allan E. Stilley and wife Debbie of Roberts.  Sister, Windolyn “Wendy” Washer (Rice) of Marion. Nine grandchildren: Randy E. Stilley, Josh T. Stilley, Erica Stilley (Semon), Chandra Stilley, Micheal Stilley, Misty Stilley (Jorgensen), Robin Stilley (Lange), Mark Stilley, Caleb Stilley, and numerous great grandchildren.

Norma Jean was preceded in death by her parents and brother Ray Dean Rice and sister-in-law Ruth Ann Rice of Mount Vernon.

Funeral Services for Norma Jean will be Saturday, April 10th, 2021 at 1pm, with visitation from 11am to 1pm, at Blue Funeral Home in Marion with Pastor Scott Paisley officiating. Graveside service and burial to follow at Mount Pleasant Cemetery (also known as Poordo Cemetery) Williamson County.

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4 Guestbook Messages

  • Guest: Chandra Stilley

    From: Marion , Illinois

    Date: April 6, 2021

    Miss you so much Grandma 😭😭😭

  • Guest: Randy Elvis

    From: Ludlow, Illinois

    Date: April 6, 2021

    I would have been lost without her. From as far back as i can remember she was always there for me. I have never met a more honest person in my life. Her mind was so sharp even in her last days she could recall events that happened over fifty years ago. She always told me that she watched all the crime shows to keep her mind sharp and i believe it worked for her. Grandma Stilley had a very good and honest heart. She could out talk anybody I’ve ever met. I know when i was younger the only way i could get off the phone with her is if the battery would die. My grandma was always telling the rest of my family and anyone else who would listen about how she would get the flyswatter after me. Im pretty sure im the only one of her 40 grandchildren or great grandchildren that ever got popped with it but i probably had it coming. From as far back as i can remember she always called me Randy Elvis. One time when i was in high school my friends had came over and she called me Randy Elvis in front of them. They just thought that was funny so thats what they called me and it spread quick next thing i know everyone in Mcleansboro knew my middle name. Thanks Grandma. In all honesty i will miss so badly hearing Randy Elvis from her voice. One time my grandma told me a story that she had went to visit her grandma when she was younger. She said when she got there her grandma was on the front porch in her swing and when my grandma walked up to her she said ive been waiting on you, i just knew you would come. My grandma said that she really liked her grandma and missed her. My grandma told me that when her time came and she passed that she always thought that her grandma would be in heaven waiting on her and say to her again i knew you would come and ive been waiting for you. Thank Grandma for everthing. I know I was blessed by God to have her for a grandma. She was a good honest lady she would have never hurt anyone. I will miss you but i will never forget you. I love you.


    From: Herrin, Illinois

    Date: April 8, 2021

    Thoughts and Prayers for Norma’s family. We thought fondly of her.

  • Guest: David and Teresa Bloodworth

    From: Marion, Illinois

    Date: April 10, 2021

    Allan and Debbie,

    I am so sorry to hear of your Moms passing. We will be praying for your family during this difficult time.